42u 800×1000 Server Rack Enclosure – Cabinet – Uncoupled


  • Steel frame chassis with a considerable load capacity.
  • Swing front door
  • Removable side panels
  • Large floor aperture for cable entrySmoked glass lockable front door
  • “U” height position markers for accurate equipment positioning.
  • Ventilated side panels and rear door
  • Slam-latch front door lock
  • Standard colour is Goose Grey, Graphite Grey and Black also available at additional cost.
  • Internal maximum usable depth of 690mm
  • Supplied with Transit castors.
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Specifications: Color: Black Material: steel, surface is SPCC cold-rolled steel with 5mm tempered glass Max Inner Height: 31” Max Depth: 42″  Thickness of pillar: 2mm Thickness of armored glass: 5mm Rack U Height: 42 Package include: 1 x network cabinet, 2 set of keys, some screws

Millenial Rack 42U – 800 by 1000MM Data Cabinet is a high quality and cost effective 19-inch rack for comms rooms and other infrastructure deployments. All doors and panels are lockable and removable giving all round access. The fully adjustable 19″ mounting profiles are printed numerically with the “U” height, for ease of installation and future use. Cable entry is from directly underneath or in the back of the roof using cable entry glands. This Floor Standing 42U Server rack Cabinet comes with Key-lock door handle & vertical cable managers in front + rear. It also has a Front Perforated Door for easy cable access.

The 42U Universal Server Rack enclosure is compatible with a wide variety of servers and rack mountable networking equipment. These including Dell, HP / Compaq IBM, and Sun products. The 42U Rack is completely customizable and can handle heavy duty loads even up to 3,000lbs. A 42U rack would have an internal rack unit height dimension of 73.5 inches (1.8669 m). However, each 42U rack manufacturer’s sever rack external dimensions will vary.

Millenial 42U cabinets are easy to assemble and access, are safe and secure in use and durable once assembled. All Prism PI cabinets use a steel frame chassis construction for high load capacity. A swing front door opening with removable side panels, large floor aperture and quick-release door pins ensure easy access. The top panel of the 42U data center Rack is secured with the standard eye-bolts for the perfect cage nut. It also comes with a side by side front and rear doors for easy accessing.

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