Nuance Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2


  • Flexible inut options
  • Comprehensive Medical Vocabulary lIBRARY
  • Full EHR Support
  • Dragon Medical templates
  • Hidden mode, dictate anywhere in the EHR


This software product pack with the License key mode of delivery is physical.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 is a documentation solution that allows clinicians a chance to quickly and efficiently dictate patient care assessments into their Electronic Health Record (EHR) program. Exclusively designed for physician practices with 24 physicians or less, Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 was released on June 11, 2013 and provides 22% greater accuracy in speech recognition than the previous version of the program. Users are able to easily install Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 with minimal IT engagement. If you are looking for a real-time speech recognition solution for your Windows-based EHR, Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 is a perfect fit for you. The response speed of voice dictation through this speech to text transcription solution is nearly 3x faster than most people can type! Additionally, the voice command options give users full power to dictate into their microphone, digital recorder, or hands-free Bluetooth device – reducing the amount of time spent searching, typing, and clicking your keyboard and mouse.





  • Improves the accuracy and efficiency of medical practice documentation
  • Complements physician EHR integration and workflow
  • Promotes higher quality and more profitable health care
  • Lowers the number of denials for reimbursements
  • Enhances clinician satisfaction by helping care providers focus on the patient, not the record keeping




  • Flexible Input Options. iPhone and Android devices can now be used as microphones for your voice dictations.
  • Comprehensive Medical Vocabulary Library. 90 medical specialties and subspecialties.
  • Full EHR Support. Compatible with most Windows-based EHRs.
  • HIPAA Compliant. Keeps patient records secure.
  • Dragon Medical Templates. Includes library of macros for standard notes and “medical normals” by body system.
  • Hidden mode. Dictate anywhere in the EHR, eliminating navigation between EHR screens and the notes window.