Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise – 2022 Edition


  • Analytics
  • Avaliability
  • Security
  • Performance
  • Query Store and intelligent query processing
  • Management
  • Platform



This software product pack with the License key mode of delivery is physical.

SQL Server 2022 builds on previous releases to grow SQL Server as a platform that gives you choices of development languages, data types, on-premises or cloud environments, and operating systems.

Perpetual License for sale to Small and Medium Business Organizations.

2-Core License.

Customers choosing this licensing model must license all of the physical cores on the physical server. A minimum of 4 core licenses are required per physical processor. You do not need Client Access Licenses because Core licensing allows any number of users to access the software from any number of devices.

Microsoft SQL Server 2022 – the most Azure-enabled release yet, with continued performance, security, and availability innovation.

Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Edition is ideal for applications requiring mission critical in-memory performance, security, and high availability.

Seamless analytics over on-premises operational data

Drive insights in near real time by breaking the wall between operational and analytical stores. Analyze all your data using both Spark and SQL runtimes in the cloud with Azure Synapse Link.

Visibility over your entire data estate

Manage and govern your entire data estate to overcome data silos with Microsoft Purview.

The most secure database over the last 10 years

Achieve your security and compliance goals using the database rated as least vulnerable over the last 10 years. Use an immutable ledger to help protect data from tampering.

Industry-leading performance and availability

Take advantage of performance and availability for faster queries and to help ensure business continuity. Accelerate query performance and tuning with no code changes required. Keep multi-write environments running smoothly for users across multiple locations.

Business continuity through Azure

Help ensure uptime with fully managed disaster recovery in the cloud through the link feature in Azure SQL Managed Instance. Continuously replicate data to and from the cloud.


Scalability: SQL Server Enterprise Edition can scale up to 640 cores, making it ideal for large enterprises with mission-critical data workloads.

Advanced security: SQL Server Enterprise Edition includes advanced security features such as Always Encrypted and Advanced Threat Detection that protect your data from cyber threats.

Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence: SQL Server Enterprise Edition includes data warehousing and business intelligence capabilities such as real-time operational analytics, data lakes, and advanced analytics with support for R and Python.

Unlimited Memory: SQL Server Enterprise Edition supports unlimited memory, making it well-suited for large amounts of data.

Flexible: A 2-core license can be used for a single server or multiple servers, depending on your needs.