Generic GSM Fixed Wireless Terminal



Key Functions:
1. Multicolor backlight display (e.g.; blue, green)
2. can dial the local calls, mobile calls, international calls and special free calls.
3. Supports modem mode
4. No need to dial area code when calling local numbers
5. Automatically connects to IP network when dialling long distance (optional)
6. Automatic card-locking and net-locking enable
7. Caller ID display, time and date display, the power supply of battery can display at the same time on the LCD.
8. Cost rate setting enable.
9. Easy to install and configure.



GSM Fixed wireless terminal used for making intercom handsets able to call and receive outside calls.
It works with PABX which gives you the advantage of using multiple extension on one GSM SIM Card.

The GSM Fixed Wireless Terminal works with all GSM SIM Cards including Glo, Mtn, Airtel and Etisalat.
All you need to do is insert a GSM SIM card to the SIM card port, connect a telephone box and plug the power adapter to power the terminal and start making calls.

It can function as a mobile phone device because the GSM Gateway is installed with a SIM card.
Plug in Normal analogue telephony devices (e.g. Cordless or Desktop Phone / FXO / PBX / VoIP equipment, etc.) to get connected to GSM network.
All the calls or communications will be accessed and transmitted via GSM network instead of traditional Copper Phone Wires.