Copre Lidar Data Capturing And Processing Software


  •  inundation and storm surge modeling
  • hydrodynamic modeling
  • shoreline mapping
  • emergency response
  • hydrographis surveying
  • coastal vulnerability analysis



The mode of delivery for this software pack with License key is physical mode of delivery.


CoPre LiDAR Processing Software

CoPre is a powerful software ecosystem developed by CHCNAV that enables users to quickly and efficiently process mobile geospatial mapping data.

CoPre features accurate trajectory processing by a proprietary algorithm, point cloud and image georeferencing, point cloud colorization, filtering, and additional useful functions such as digital ortho model (DOM) generation, leading to the significant improvement of the post-processing accuracy.

CoPre is built around a simple and intuitive user interface. Geospatial professionals can export point clouds and image files without opening third-party software for the positioning and orientation system (POS) computations. It enables the analysis of complex information structures with absolute precision and empowers the world of 3D data processing. CoPre software is the backbone of CHCNAV’s LiDARs system series and it’s regularly updated with new features, functionality, and tools.


inundation and storm surge modeling, hydrodynamic modeling, shoreline mapping, emergency response, hydrographic surveying, and coastal vulnerability analysis