Claris Filemaker – Pro 12 Software


  • New Custom Themes / Menus
  • Script Debugger
  • More Layout Tools
  • New Starter Solutions
  • Enhanced container Fields
  • Quick Charts
  • IOS Design and Development Tools


This software product pack with the License key mode of delivery is physical.

FileMaker’s FileMaker Pro 12 includes all the features in FileMaker Pro 12 plus a suite of advanced development and customization tools. In addition to the new features standard to FileMaker Pro 12, like new customized themes to change the look of your database, and more layout tools, there are also Custom Menus that allow you to display when using an iOS device, and a brand new Script Debugger that pinpoints problem areas in scripts and turns off Script Triggers when debugging.

As a database program, FileMaker Pro 12 goes above and beyond, with a host of data viewing options that allow you to view and monitor fields, variables, and calculations – even while troubleshooting – so that you can quickly and accurately spot problems. There’s room to experiment with your database layouts, too. FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced lets you change gradients, select transparencies and image slicing, and rename, add, or delete menu and toolbar items. It even lets you create standalone runtime applications that don’t require the end user to have FileMaker Pro.

It’s hard to keep complex data together, so a fully-loaded and diverse program like FileMaker Pro 12 comes in handy when trying to put all the pieces together. This software will benefit everyone from database managers who collate facts and figures for a living, to office managers trying to keep track of expenses – and everyone in between.

  • New Script Debugger
  • Pinpoint problem areas in scripts and Script Triggers. Turn off Script Triggers when debugging for easier troubleshooting.
  • New Custom Menus
  • Custom Menus – Create, change, or delete specific menu items or entire menu sets. Specify custom menus that display when using an iOS device.
  • Custom Functions
  • Build your own functions and copy, paste, and import them into any FileMaker Pro database.
  • Multiple Table Import
  • Build or modify databases faster by importing multiple tables at once.
  • Data Viewer
  • Monitor fields, variables and calculations while troubleshooting.
  • Runtime Maker
  • Create standalone runtime solutions that don’t require FileMaker Pro.
  • Kiosk Maker
  • Build applications where all menus are hidden.
  • External Function Plug-in API
  • Build more robust calculations and extend database capabilities.
  • Database Design Report
  • Run comprehensive reports on all elements of the database schema.